Pension Planning for Individuals/ Employees

Pension’s for Individuals

Well done if you have already started your pension. The likelihood is you haven’t reviewed it since you started it – that would involve personal pension advice. Do you still have the same salary, or even the same job?

Pension Tracing Number

We have helped a number of clients trace pension funds from previous employments. Revenue are implementing a system that requires each employer to provide a Pension Tracing Number.

Employers who operate a company pension scheme (occupational pension scheme) for their employees must provide a Pension Tracing number when completing their end of year returns (P35). This number is used to trace pension entitlements for employees who have pension benefits from various employments throughout their careers.

Dealing with your pension on leaving employment?

If you are leaving employment and were a member of an occupational pension scheme, executive pension contract or PRSA you may have a number of decisions to make regarding your pension benefits.

  • What income would you like to have in retirement?
  • How long away is retirement?
  • Have you existing pension plans in place?
  • Will you have income in retirement from other sources?

These simple questions will help you identify what the deficit in retirement income will be for you. The benefits of planning mean once we have identified your goals for your lifestyle in retirement we can create your retirement plan.

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