Investment Planning Services

Why Get Advice?

If you are going to turn your hard earned money into an investment then it makes sense to invest in advice. As one of the very few Certified Financial Planner™ professional’s in Ireland we are in a position and qualified to advise you without a conflict of interest. We provide advice that is always personalised, and tailored to your requirements.

Establish Your Investment Goals

We work closely with you to establish precise requirements and parameters before designing a portfolio to meet your objectives.This investment planning process involves:

1. Starting with the Why? e.g a wedding, dream holiday, your children’s future, inheritance or just a rainy day.
2. Identifying the likely time-frames involved, and access to cash requirements.

No adviser can guarantee investment performance. The sooner you want to withdraw 20% from your lump-sums, the lower your risk capacity.

What we can do is closely align your financial plans with your requirements and your risk tolerance. Our investor policy statement lays out a game plan, a strategy to help you gain. We even ask our clients to promise not to act hastily in volatile markets, and focus on the original purpose rather than what’s in the short term news headlines.

3 Step Approach to Independent Planning Advice

  1. Determining your past experience, knowledge, perceptions and understanding of the relationship between risk and return.
  2. One’s net worth and investment knowledge are important, along with existing income and savings.
  3. Risk management – we always aim to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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