Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not just about mitigating inheritance tax, it covers far more than that. It can be defined as leaving your assets to those that matter to you, in the most effective way.

It’s the primary way to control what happens to your assets when you become disabled or pass away.

As your chosen financial planner, in conjunction with your solicitor, we provide assistance to:

  • Gather personal and financial information
  • Identify beneficiaries, the timing of distributions and any tax implications
  • Select guardians for children and properties
  • Identify executors and trustees to carry out clients’ wishes after their death.

You can’t just talk about estate planning, because verbal agreements aren’t legal. You, your financial adviser and/or your solicitor need to put your wishes in writing and follow the proper formalities.

Going through life we pay a lot of taxes, both direct and indirect. Why would you leave too much behind and have to pay more tax again on your estate?

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