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The story of Infinity Financial Planning Ltd

We are operating a busy independent financial planning business, that is driven by providing honest, best in class, professional advice. Typically, we work with those that are looking for a personalised and independent approach, such as individuals approaching retirement, business owners, contractors and professionals.

We strive to become the most client focused financial planning company in Ireland. Our aim is to be seen as a boutique company acting in our clients best interests while getting paid fairly for delivering ongoing financial planning advice. Our clients gain from having a clear understanding of their financial position, which helps us provide positive results and great customer service on their way to financial independence and having the freedom to concentrate on getting on with their lives.

Last Minute AVCs

Additional Voluntary Contributions are a great method of maximizing the amount of tax free cash an employee can get at retirement. Free of charge we can examine your circumstances.

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Directors Pensions

Ever wondered how to turn your companies profit into personal wealth?There are numerous potential tax benefits of being a company owner or director. What to do next?

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Retirement Planning

Pensions are a very tax efficient way of saving. Our trusted advisors will work with you to decide on a target income in retirement. Let our expert team secure your financial future.

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The choice of moving from permanent to contracting work is becoming a popular option. For those of you looking for help on calculating how lucrative contracting speak with us today

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Investment Planning

If you are going to turn your hard earned money into an investment then it makes sense to invest in advice. What is more important to you? The risk or the potential return on your hard earned cash?

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Business Protection

Business Protection is for individuals who want to ensure their business will provide their family with financial security. There are numerous considerations to be accounted for including…

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A Word about our Managing Director

Pat Leahy is the Managing Director. He holds a B.Comm from UCC in addition to the Life Assurance Association of Ireland’s Qualified Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Advisor status. He has over 12 years experience working in various investment, retirement planning and management roles in the industry.

Pat has attained additional qualifications in the specialist areas of Financial Planning and Retirement Planning. Furthermore, he has recently received a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from UCD. This means he is a Certified Financial Planner, or CFP.

Technical Specialists

Developing Your Financial Plan

Here at Infinity Financial Planning, In addition to providing a personalized service we have invested in specialist software which can produce realistic illustrations or scenarios which help to show; here’s where you are today. This allows us to then devise a plan to fill in any gaps or shortfalls to help you achieve your goals. Our aim is to assist our clients in:

  1. Establishing and achieving what they want.
  2. Identifying and maintaining their desired lifestyle.
  3. Analysis and assessment of their current financial positions.
  4. Having the confidence and clarity to decide which direction their future should be going.
  5. Making more time, more choices, more freedom, and hence being able to focus on the more exciting things in life.

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